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Stevia rebaudiana

More About Stevia rebaudiana

  • Small, semi-bushy sub-tropical plant
  • Fine roots spread out over the surface of the soil
  • A thicker part of the root grows deep into the soil
  • Stems are hairy, wand-like and covered in dark green leaves
  • Tubular, white, bisexual blooms
  • Bloom Time: Can bloom year round

Interesting Notes:

Stevia leaves have a long history of use as sweeteners, due to the presence or sweet crystalline glycosides called steviosides which are 200-300 times sweeter than sucrose. The leaves are sweet to taste and dry leaves are sweeter. 




60 cm



Sweetleaf Growing and Maintenance Tips

Grows well in a variety of soil types ranging from textured sands to well-drained loams, not clay or poorly drained sites. Grow as an annual in Ontario. 

Stevia rebaudiana Characteristics