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Ptelea trifoliata

Also called Wafer Ash

More About Ptelea trifoliata

  • Dense rounded shrub or small tree
  • Shiny dark green leaves
  • Tiny white flowers
  • Flowers give way to pendulous seed clusters
  • Foliage, bark and flowers can emit an unpleasant smell
  • Bloom Time: Late spring

Interesting Notes:

Native to Ontario



5-6 m


5-6 m



Hop Tree Growing and Maintenance Tips

Effective as a specimen, as a large, informal hedge or screen. While only tolerating full sun, it will thrive in partial to full shade in a well-drained soil. Native habitat is along shorelines in areas with poor soil conditions. 

Ptelea trifoliata Characteristics

 Suitable Substitutions for Ptelea trifoliata

Alnus rugosa

Alnus rugosa

Speckled Alder