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Morus rubra

Morus rubra - Red Mulberry

More About Morus rubra

  • Upright rounded to spreading tree
  • Noted for its lobed leaves, reddish-brown bark and edible fruit
  • Dark green, heart-shaped leaves
  • Greenish flowers produce sweet, blackberry-like fruit
  • Fruit can be used for jellies, jams and wines
  • Bloom Time: Spring

Interesting Notes:

Native to Ontario

Male and female flowers usually appear on separate trees. Male trees will obviously never bear fruit. 




11-15 m


11-14 m


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Red Mulberry Growing and Maintenance Tips

Thrives in a rich, moist, well-drained soil, in full sun or partial shade. Urban sites are not recommended as the fruit is messy and stains pavements, automobiles and areas around the home. 

Morus rubra Characteristics

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