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Juncus torreyi

Juncus torreyi - Torrey's Rush

More About Juncus torreyi

  • Large, orbicular flower heads
  • It is unbranched except where the inflorescences occur
  • Alternate, green, stiff leaves
  • Numerous yellowish to reddish-green flower heads per panicle
  • Bloom Time: Late summer to fall


60-80 cm



Torrey's Rush Growing and Maintenance Tips

Thrives in full sun, consistently moist to periodically wet conditions and a soil that is slightly acidic to alkaline. Natural habitats include borders of ponds and streams and roadside ditches.

Juncus torreyi Characteristics

Full Sun
Full Sun

Soil Moisture

Moist to Wet Soils

Flowering Time

Lt. Sum-Fall

Foliage Color

Green (dark)

Landscape uses

Roadside planting
Woodland/woods edge