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Heuchera x 'Sparkling Burgundy'

#PP17208, COPF

Also called Alum Root

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Heuchera x 'Sparkling Burgundy' - Coral Bells - Photo courtesy of Terra Nova® Nurseries, Inc.

More About Heuchera x 'Sparkling Burgundy' (PP17208, COPF)

  • White flowers
  • Bright reddish-burgundy foliage with a faint, silver overlay in the summer
  • Foliage intensifies to a rich wine-red in cooler seasons
  • Large, lobed, slightly cupped foliage forms a compact mound
  • Bloom Time: June to July
  • Flower Height: 55 cm

Interesting Notes:

Parentage: Heuchera micrantha x Heuchera americana.

  • Heuchera americana (Fancy-leafed Coral Bells) Tolerates extreme heat and cold and is native to Ontario.
  • Heuchera villosa (Hairy Alum Root) Tolerates heat and humidity. More shade loving and leaves have a hairy, velvety texture. Flowers tend to last longer than others of the species. 
  • Heuchera micrantha (Small Flowered Alum Root) Grows best in or tolerates wetter locations. Remains evergreen in Ontario winters. More ruffled and curled, leaf habit.
  • Heuchera cylindrica (Poker Coral Bells)-Tolerates harsh, extreme temperatures and drying winds. Known for it s short, compact, flower habit and a more rounded, leaf shape. 
  • Heuchera sanguinea (Coral Bells) Extremely drought and heat tolerant. Known for a more intense, flower colour and earlier bloom time. One of the first species to be used for breeding. Semi-evergreen foliage. 






30-35 cm


45-55 cm



Coral Bells Growing and Maintenance Tips

Grows best in an average to moist, well-drained soil, in partial sun. Newer cultivars are bred to tolerate more extreme growing conditions such as drought, heat, humidity, and exposure levels. Heuchera are very versatile and create an excellent, colour, contrast option, in mass or as an individual, accent perennial. Remove spent flowers from taller cultivars to keep a uniform appearance. When planting, it is important to note that the crown should remain slightly above the soil level to prevent stem rot. Root weevils are a common problem for coral bells. 

Heuchera x 'Sparkling Burgundy' (PP17208, COPF) Characteristics

Full Sun
Full Sun
Partial Sun/Shade
Partial Sun/Shade
Attracts Butterflies
Attracts Butterflies
Attracts Hummingbirds
Attracts Hummingbirds
Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance
Rock garden
Rock garden

Soil Moisture

Moist to Average

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Fall Color

Flowering Time

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Foliage Color


Landscape uses

Woodland/woods edge