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Exochorda x 'Snow Day® Blizzard' (Niagara)

#PP23329, CPBR4690
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Exochorda x 'Niagara' - Snow Day? Blizzard Pearlbush from NVK Nurseries

Exochorda x 'Niagara' - Snow Day® Blizzard Pearlbush - Photo courtesy of Proven Winners®

More About Exochorda x Snow Day® Blizzard ('Niagara') (PP23329, CPBR4690)

  • Proven Winners® ColorChoice®
  • Large, prolific, white blooms
  • Strong growing plant and a showy appearance
  • Elliptic to obovate, green leaves
  • Larger flowers then other cultivars in the genus
  • Bloom Time: Spring




150-175 cm


150-175 cm


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Snow Day® Blizzard Pearlbush Growing and Maintenance Tips

Grows best in a slightly acidic, fertile soil, tolerating adverse conditions. Any pruning should be done soon after flowering to ensure the next season's bloom.  

Exochorda x Snow Day® Blizzard ('Niagara') (PP23329, CPBR4690) Characteristics

Full Sun
Full Sun
Partial Sun/Shade
Partial Sun/Shade

Soil Moisture

Moist to Average

Flowering Time


Landscape uses


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