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Crataegus mordenensis 'Snowbird'

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Crataegus mordenensis 'Snowbird' - Snowbird Hawthorn - Photo courtesy of J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.

More About Crataegus mordenensis 'Snowbird'

  • Densely branched, rounded, small tree
  • Clusters of double, white flowers cover the branches
  • Red berries are sparse
  • Lobed, glossy, dark green leaves turn yellow in autumn
  • Branches are covered in thorns
  • Bloom Time: Spring

Interesting Notes:

Developed for better disease resistance by Agriculture Canada, at the Morden Research Station, Morden, Manitoba.




5-6 m


4-5 m


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Snowbird Hawthorn Growing and Maintenance Tips

While this plant can provide a beautiful show of flowers in the spring, and colourful berries in the fall, careful placement of this plant should be heeded, as the thorns can cause injury.

Crataegus mordenensis 'Snowbird' Characteristics

Full Sun
Full Sun
Attracts Birds
Attracts Birds
Attracts Butterflies
Attracts Butterflies

Flowering Time


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