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Chionanthus retusus

More About Chionanthus retusus

  • Profuse, fragrant, white blooms with fringe-like petals
  • Rounded, wide-spreading form
  • Flowers produce olive-like, dark bluish-black fruit
  • Foliage is bright green with whitish-green, downy undersides
  • Fall colour is yellow
  • Exfoliating gray-brown bark adds winter interest
  • Bloom Time: May to June

Interesting Notes:

Can be grown as a small, single tree or multi-stemmed shrub.




3-6 m


3-6 m

Chinese Fringetree Growing and Maintenance Tips

Adaptable to urban conditions, however, intolerant of dry sites. Grows well in full sun or partial shade. 

Chionanthus retusus Characteristics