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Apple-crab 'Kerr'

Apple-crab 'Kerr' - Kerr Apple-crab - Photo courtesy of Bylands Nurseries Ltd.

More About 'Kerr'

  • Malus 'Kerr'
  • Crisp and juicy with a good sweet to tart flavour
  • Dark purple-red fruit
  • White blooms with shell-pink overtones
  • Excellent for jams and jellies, baking, and fresh eating
  • Bloom Time: Spring
  • Ripens: early October

Interesting Notes:

Malus 'Dolgo' and Malus 'Haralson' cross. 



Kerr Apple-crab Growing and Maintenance Tips

It will need a second pollinator and is the perfect combination of accent and fruit tree. 

'Kerr' Characteristics