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Apple 'Rouville'

More About 'Rouville'

  • Malus domestica 'Rouville'
  • Medium to large fruit
  • Red blush over pale green-yellow in colour
  • Flesh white to creamy-white and juicy
  • Fresh eating, juice or cooking
  • Bloom Time: Spring
  • Ripens: Mid to late August



Rouville Apple Growing and Maintenance Tips

Needs another apple cultivar or flowering crab in the neighbourhood for pollination and subsequent fruit production. Typically available in rootstocks E.M. 26 (dwarf) and M.M.106 (semi-dwarf), and sometimes E.M.7 (very dwarf). Ultimate height and width of apple and other fruit trees depends on the pruning and production program.

'Rouville' Characteristics