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Acer saccharum 'Temple's Upright'

 Suitable Substitutions for Acer saccharum 'Temple's Upright'


More About Acer saccharum 'Temple's Upright'

  • AKA Acer saccharum 'Monumentale'
  • Fast-growing
  • Symmetrical canopy with a columnar, upright form
  • Side branches bow outward then gradually ascend upward
  • Strong, central trunk
  • Dark green foliage
  • Fall colour is red, yellow and orange




15-18 m


2-3 m

Temple's Upright Sugar Maple Growing and Maintenance Tips

Can be sensitive to reflected heat and drought, turning the foliage brown or scorching along its edges. It is more drought tolerant in open areas where the roots have room to grow.  

Acer saccharum 'Temple's Upright' Characteristics