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Acer palmatum 'Adrian's Compact'

More About Acer palmatum 'Adrian's Compact'

  • Slow-growing compact red Japanese maple
  • New growth is red, contrasting with the burgundy-purple mature foliage
  • Fall colour is a strong orange and red




125-150 cm


90-100 cm
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Adrian's Compact Japanese Maple Growing and Maintenance Tips

Best planted in a well-drained soil with high organic matter. Japanese maples are grown as specimen trees or multi-stemmed plants. Any pruning should be done in summer. Mulch well, but avoid heaping mulch against the stem. Most cultivars need full sun or light afternoon shade. 

Acer palmatum 'Adrian's Compact' Characteristics

Full Sun
Full Sun
Partial Sun/Shade
Partial Sun/Shade
Rabbit Resistant
Rabbit Resistant
Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance

Landscape uses


 Suitable Substitutions for Acer palmatum 'Adrian's Compact'

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