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Acer palmatum 'Komachi-hime'

More About Acer palmatum 'Komachi-hime'

  • Dense cultivar, wider than tall
  • Small glossy yellow-green leaves are edged in red in the spring
  • Five-lobed leaves become dark green for the summer
  • Fall colour is a mixture of yellows and oranges

Interesting Notes:

The name means "beautiful little girl" in Japanese.




150-175 cm


200-250 cm

Komachi-hime Japanese Maple Growing and Maintenance Tips

Best planted in a well-drained soil with high organic matter. Japanese maples are grown as specimen trees or multi-stemmed plants. Any pruning should be done in summer. Mulch well, but avoid heaping mulch against the stem. Most cultivars need full sun or partial shade. 


Acer palmatum 'Komachi-hime' Characteristics

 Suitable Substitutions for Acer palmatum 'Komachi-hime'

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